Brandnew Oldies Vol. 1

Side A

Miles Smiles Ahead
Brandnew Oldie
Berlin Sequence
Flaggio Let Me Be Like I Am - Part 1
Another One of Those Ups & Downs
Kurabaya Sunset
Notlandung In Bali
Minor Majority
(Its a)Nice Day (Isnt It?) - Part 2
Side B

Release Theme
Flaggio Let Me Be Like I Am - Part 2
Theme for More or Less Musicians
Watchout on Purpose
Flaggio Let Me Be Like I Am - Part 3
Areacode 212
Die Arnoldskinder reissen aus - Part 1

Brandnew Oldies Vol. 1 Brandnew Oldies Vol. 1 BigNote Music
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All Songs by Carsten Bohn
Produced by Carsten Bohn & Josko Kasten
Recorded @ HOME Studios, Studio 2 in February 2004
Overdubs, Editing, Mix & Master @ BigNoteMusic - Studio 3-D in 08-09/04
Recording Engineers: Michael Tibes (Track 7+9), Marc Schettler (all other Tracks)
Assistant Engineer: Josko Kasten (All Tracks)
Editing / Postproduction: Josko Kasten
Mix & Master: Josko Kasten, Carsten Bohn

Bernd Schultze: E-Piano / Keyboards / Organ (All Tracks)
George Kochbeck: E-Piano / Keyboards / Organ (All Tracks)
Frank Fischer: Bass (All Tracks)
Thomas "Wbb" Weppler: E-Guitar (Tr. 7/8/18)
Frank Stehle: E-Guitar (Tr. 1-6/9-17)
Carola Kretschmer: E-Guitar/Ac.-Guitar (Tr. 2/18)
Corinna Ludzuweit: Percussion (All Tracks),
Carsten Bohn: Drums /add. Keyboards (All Tracks)